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The Internet

I came across the Internet only in 1995 when, among other libraries, the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek made it possible to consult its online catalogue with a remote personal computer. At that time I thought I might need access to this area.

When I discovered the convenience of the World Wide Web with its hypertext-system the affair became still more interesting. Especially Stefan Münz's texts about this topic (e.g. SelfHTML) have impressed me considerably. But in the meantime I am having second thoughts. I am not so sure whether all those innumerable hyperlinks really lead to places worth going to. And HTML authors are sometimes too easily attracted by the colourful pictures with which they adorn their modest writings (as my own home page, I know). Nowadays, Web pages without any moving images or sounds already seem to be too dull for consumption. I hope that the concept and design of Moosburg Online, the Moosburg Web site of Bürgernetz Weihenstephan (a citizens' network organization I joined in 1996), are acceptable in this regard. (See also Publications in the WWW.)

Since my first contact with the net I have jotted down some of the strange expressions and acronyms I ran into, together with their explanations excerpted from various publications. This was the origin of my small German (!) Internet lexicon, first published in 1996 (with frames or without frames and as a Palm doc file). Since 2000 Florian Hannemann is co-author of the lexicon. It is presently discountinued.

My experience in designing websites led me to offering this service for others: Melaneres Web Design

Werner Schwarz